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Reduce the number of humans who struggle with suicide ideation by creating a world where having the conversation becomes commonplace.

The Realize Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was formed to create awareness around mental health through individual stories, conversation, and community.


We envision a world where suicide statistics diminish instead of grow each year.

Where mental health conversations are an everyday thing, and every human can get the support they deserve.


Our Founder, a suicide survivor who was silent for 23 years, wants others to have a different experience.

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"After we lose someone to suicide, we ask...


What did I miss?

What could I have done?

What if... we ask those questions NOW and talk to our friends & family.

What if... one conversation will save a life and keep you from having to ask the questions I started with.

Would that be worth dealing with the stigma?"

 ~ Deana Mitchell, Founder

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Personal stories are the perfect way for us to share with others and make a human connection that lets other know that

they are not alone.

Sharing and writing our story is also healing for each of us.

We will be releasing more Scars to Stars Books in 2022. If you are interested in being part of our book projects, please share your story with us and we will be in touch!

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Thanks for reaching out!

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