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Brand New Website!!!

First things first... did you know that now you do not have to remember a long 10-digit number to call the suicide hotline for help anymore?

Now you just have to remember to call or text 988.

We are excited to launch our brand new website with more information and resources than ever! Keep reading for a run down on what we have been up to... and what else will be coming soon!

After we launched our first Scars to Stars book back in February, I began to notice that people were visiting our website in the middle of the night, from all over the world. My heart was breaking because I knew these people were probably looking for something that could give them hope in whatever struggle they were experiencing. So, we created the H.O.P.E. Course free to anyone.

H = How Do We Talk About It

O = Own Your Self Care

P = Protect Your Mind

E = Enjoy The Little Things

After the introduction video on the home page, you will see these four videos. They are each 2-4 minutes and give tips to people who may be struggling with suicidal ideation, and we also address people who may being struggling with how to support a loved one.

Also brand new is out RESOURCES page... there you can find:

  • Affiliate link for Cope Notes (every subscription gives back $5 to the Realize Foundation. Check out their website and Johnny's video for more information. Here is a link to his video explaining what is a Cope Note!

  • A free PDF Download with 60 ideas of coping mechanisms and self care. Please subscribe to the website so we can keep you informed of events and news.

  • Links to partners: and @Stay_fit4duty

  • Our blog is listed there

  • AND My Favorite... PUZZLES! These are digital puzzles with uplifting messages that you can do right on your screen.


Maybe you have seen or heard something about the book we launched on February 22, 2022? On our Scars to Stars website page, you can get your copy, read reviews or even watch our virtual book launch event! If you want to see the full live interviews with each author, go to our YouTube Channel.


We have added a page for upcoming events were you can get tickets right on our website! The events that you can register for now are:

  • Scars to Stars Volume 2 Virtual Book Launch - September 22, 2022

  • #SaveALifeChallenge Community Virtual Event - October 22, 2022

  • Scars to Stars Volume 3 Virtual Book Launch - November 22, 2022

Most events are virtual, but we are planning our first in person event for Suicide Prevention Month (September) in Telluride, Colorado. More information coming soon!

Our About Us page will give you knowledge on our mission, vision and purpose as well as more information about our board members.

The Realize Foundation's most important mission is to "Reduce the number of humans who struggle with suicidal ideation by creating a world where having the conversation becomes commonplace." Our vehicle for accomplishing this is Human Connection through conversations, community and personal stories.

In the past 24 months, we have touched hundreds of lives through our virtual events, videos and our first book. We have so much more planned so we can reach millions.

We need your help. Please consider donating any amount to our cause at this link.

In addition you can donate through registering for one of the events on our site.

Like any organization, we have operational costs, but no one is getting a salary, we are all volunteers. So, we greatly appreciate general donations.

We also have two courses coming and would like to offer scholarships by application.

For example, you can donate for someone to tell their story in one of our books. Writing is healing for the author, but also meets the readers in a place of pain so they know they are not alone. The other part is that the authors form a bond and a special community of support for themselves.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the chat feature on our website or at

We appreciate your support, whether it is monetary, buying a book, registering for an event or just sharing this blog.

Remember... You Matter, Your are Enough and You are NOT ALONE!