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#SaveALifeChallenge #HaveTheConversation

Updated: Dec 28, 2020


We released this video for World Mental Health Day.

The mission of the Realize Foundation is to reduce the number of humans who struggle with depression, anxiety and suicide ideation.

We are taking a different approach, instead of targeting the people struggling, we are looking to educate the people around the people struggling... the friends and family.

Humans who have never dealt with mental health struggles, do not know how to talk about the subject because that do not always understand. They want to help and be supportive, but need to be armed with information in order to do so.

We are asking everyone to #HaveTheConversation in order to #StopTheStigma. We have to TALK about it in order to heal and in order to reduce the statistics.

Over the next months, we will be holding monthly LIVE PANEL DISCUSSIONS for different audiences and they will culminate into May 2021 for Mental Health Awareness Month with a Live Virtual Summit.

Tentatively, here is the schedule and we will release exact dates along the way.

December 2020 - Veterans

January 2021 - Parents & Youth

February 2021 - First Responders & Health Care Professionals

March 2021 - Loss Survivors & Lived Experience

April 2021 - Mental Health Advocates

May 2021 - LIVE VIRTUAL SUMMIT with a very special guest!

Subscribe to our website and social media platforms in order to stay informed.

Help your community by HAVING THE CONVERSATION and let's SAVE LIVES together!

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