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$50 Donation


GIFT - Bliss Mineral Salts Bath Size

Can you find bliss in a bottle? You bet your bath salts you can. There’s something undeniably heavenly about slipping into a hot tub of water all by your lonesome. But that experience is only magnified with the right combination of essentials oils.The uplifting, citrusy scents of orange and melissa featured in this blend soften even the crankiest of moods, while the sweet, fragrant perfume of ylang ylang flowers is downright euphoric. A blend of Mineral, Epsom and Himalyan Pink Salts, our Bliss Mineral Bath Salts soothe away pesky aches, pains, and stiffness faster than you can say “Let’s get take-out tonight”. The magnesium they contain enters the skin cells, travels to the muscles, and convinces them to just let go. In a sweet two-for-one, the array of salt minerals also helps your skin hold onto moisture, leaving it softer than your favorite old t-shirt.


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