$50 Donation

$50 Donation


GIFT - Calm Mineral Bath Salts Bath Size

Leave your troubles at the door. This is sacred bath time. For 30 blissful minutes, there is no such thing as work, cranky children, traffic, long lines or credit card company automated voicemail systems. There is just you, a tub of steaming water, and some magic bath salts. The fresh, floral bouquet of lavender essential oil featured in this blend is perfectly balanced with the hypnotic, earthy scent of clary sage and the warm, woody aroma of rosewood. Thanks to a blend of mineral and dead sea salts, Calm Mineral Bath Salts soothe away pesky aches, pains, and stiffness faster than you can say "Let's get take-out tonight." The magnesium they contain enters the skin cells, travels to the muscles, and convinces them to just. let. go. In a sweet two-for-one, the array of salt minerals also helps your skin hold onto moisture, leaving it softer than your favorite old t-shirt.


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