Scars to Stars™ is a book series . These writers vulnerably share their personal, authentic stories of overcoming adversity to motivate and inspire you, wherever you might be along your own journey... so you will never again need to feel alone in your struggle. 

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A collection of 20 vulnerable personal experiences of overcoming adversity. From loss & grief to abuse, suicide and much more.

As a suicide attempt survivor, I believe that conversation and community is the only way we are going to make a dent in mental health and suicide rates. The personal vulnerable stories in these pages will meet the reader where they are and show them that they are not alone.  They will be inspired and motivated to overcome situations in their own life.

All Proceeds benefit the REALIZE FOUNDATION


We are often shaped by the crucibles in our lives. When we transform our wounds into sources of power, we realize our resilience. The stories in this book demonstrate powerful healing over and over again. Well done Deana and storytellers.

Dr. Sally Spencer Thomas, Men's Mental Health Advocate

“Vulnerability doesn’t exactly line up with the tendency to ‘tough it out.’ Real stories about real people living with mental illness remind us that talking about mental health isn’t a sign of weakness… it’s a show of strength.”  

Johnny Crowder, Founder of Cope Notes